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The LifeUp App builds mental resilience and wellbeing through simple mindfulness exercises - carefully designed to take you from survive to thrive.Join Mindful Mike to collect 3 LifeUp badges as you navigate the 6 steps of the Mindfulness Mountain.
Each step is an acronym to guide you through a mindfulness exercise, to help you embed mindfulness into your daily life.
- Climb the 6 steps of the Mindfulness Mountain to master simple mindfulness techniques and training- Navigate the Mindfulness Mountain and collect 3 LifeUp badges: Resilience, Connection and Authenticity - Track your progress on the Mindfulness Mountain and use our handy reference guide direct to your mobile- Reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and relationships, and get more out of life!
LifeUp combines modern psychological tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and next generation CBT, with the ancient wisdom of mindfulness.
LifeUp takes the broad subject of mindfulness and breaks it down into 6 easy steps, with simple exercises and education to guide you through your journey.
Use LifeUp as a quick and accessible tool to make mindfulness a daily habit, improve your experience of life, and move from survive to thrive!